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What Zoom Virtual Backgrounds you’re looking for?

  • Nail down a deal-of-the-day? Do it in your Private Office.
  • Studying from home? Give a try to Home Interiors.
  • Need more deep impression? Try our Video Zoom Backgrounds.
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Zoom Virtual Backgrounds | Private Offices Virtual Backgrounds |
Meet your clients in your Private Office.
Private Offices
Virtual Backgrounds for Zoom | Meeting Rooms Zoom Backgrounds |
A new way of conducting your meetings.
Meeting Rooms
Zoom Meeting Backgrounds | Open Work Spaces Images for Zoom app |
The place where you can have an interview.
Open Workspaces
Zoom Virtual Backgrounds | Images and Videos of Public Places |
Cozy cafe and library atmosphere.
Public Areas
Zoom Video backgrounds and Image backgrounds for Zoom Meeting | | Virtual Backgrounds of Home Interiors
Tutor and study from home.
Home Interiors
Virtual Backgrounds for Zoom | Skyline Views Images and Videos for Zoom Meeting |
Amazing rooftop views.
Invite a “big client” to your new conference room.
Conference Rooms
Share the warm atmosphere of your living room.
Living Rooms
If you need to add dynamics to the conversation.
Shared Workspaces
How do you like this breathtaking view from the window?
Amazing Ocean View
Everyone will be fascinated by your stylish office.
Home Offices
Your virtual vacation with our Zoom backgrounds.
Beach House
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We have lots of professional suggestions to assist your video calls to go efficiently, so you make the ideal impression each time.

The virtual background feature allows you to show an image or video as your background during a Zoom Meeting. This option works best with a green background and consistent lighting to allow Zoom to see the contrast between you and your background. View a video about this option.

It’s simple to utilize our Zoom backgrounds for a video meeting:

  1. Download our Virtual Backgrounds Package for a Zoom and save it to your computer system.
  2. Open your Zoom app, click the “^” arrow beside Start/Stop Video.
  3. Click Choose a Virtual Background.
  4. Click “+” to add image/video, then choose the image you desire, or select to add a video.
  5. If you utilize the function “green background” and the spotted color is not precise, use the color picker to choose the color of your background.
  6. If you need more assistance, take a look at the Zoom guide.
  • After purchasing our Zoom Virtual Backgrounds Package, you will get the download link via email.
  • You will get monthly updates on our package by email.

No, it will be a one-time payment equal to our package offer.

Zoom meeting backgrounds open a large number of ways for opportunities and prospects, help us in our day-to-day life, and with our work, serve users and specialists. 

For better Zoom meeting backgrounds experience try to use the following best practices:

  1. Ensure stable and fast speed internet connection, so your meeting can go smoothly.
  2. It is recommended that your clothes have no same color as the color shade of your real background. For example, if the walls in your room are painted in beige, try to wear something darker, and so that creates a contrast between you and your actual background.
  3. To remove unwanted sounds and to better hear the other party use headphones.
  4. For a camera, to better separate, you from the real backdrop use a well-lighted room. It will be difficult for the camera to do that in a dark room.
  5. Like in face-to-face contact, make sure that there is a distance between you and the camera. You don’t have to be in 100% of screen space. Also, be not far from the camera, so the other part won’t lose the feeling of your participation. Try to be no more of 3/4 of the center of the screen.

Don’t forget the right impression will lead to your success.