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Now there are many tips for working remotely, but I haven’t seen any tips on how to be a gentleman at a video conference ball.

  1. All arrangements for the call must be entered into the calendar. Even if you agree on “in 2 hours”, it’s still more convenient to add it to the calendar; a) the schedule allows your companion to book a time slot from other things; b) the calendar removes the opportunity not only to your companion but also to confuse timezone after you) the calendar will remind all participants of the meeting in 10-15 minutes;
  2. It is not acceptable to be late for a call for more than 5 minutes. You risk that at 10:07 your new companion may already go about their business and the online meeting will not take place through your fault;
  3. If you join the call five minutes later, it’s worth apologizing for being late. This is a very important point, because worse than the fact that you are late, there can only be the fact that you do not know good manners or, even worse, you simply do not respect the time of your companion, even if he is a colleague or in your company;
  4. If you are organizing an important call for 3 or more people, it is best to ask all the participants in the call “Is everything okay” in 15 minutes and whether they can be on the call. The item becomes more relevant with the increase in the number of people or the importance of the presence of a superstar (client/boss) on the call;
  5. It is impolite to call a person immediately with the video. I always ask “make a video call or just a voice”;
  6. Always use headphones for calls. Even if it seems to you that your MacBook is doing an echo. This is the most common pain for everyone when your companion thinks that the norms are without headphones;
  7. Turn OFF the microphone in meetings of more than three people. You always turn it ON when you need to say something. But if an airplane flies near your house, a dog runs into the room, or other 963 cases happen, you will not interfere with your work;
  8. Avoid home clothes and many home things in the background. When I get calls with such people, the impression that we spy on a person with a hidden camera does not go away. Otherwise, he would not have looked like that. A much better experience would be to use virtual backgrounds for Zoom, specially collected by us for any situations. This gives you more flexibility and confidence in the success of meetings. Virtual backgrounds for Zoom have the right aspect ratios, and it’s very easy to use. You can add static images with high resolution or video backgrounds for the most in-depth impression. Download the complete package of virtual backgrounds for Zoom.
  9. A video call is the same meeting as in a cafe. Follow the ritual in full: greeting, how are you, thanks for taking the time, etc. This can be skipped with a team with which you can have several phone calls per day;
  10. Once I participated in a call where one of the participants went on a video connection with a phone and always walked through his kitchen. We were rocked by the whole team. The camera should be static.
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