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As a growing number of individuals and organizations move into remote working setups, video conference calls have become necessary to staying efficient and on the same page with your team. But, video calls from an office, your living room, or, worse, your bedroom can be somewhat uncomfortable. Here come our Zoom virtual background design templates to help!

Host a call from deep space, from under the sea, or from an interior that looks right out of Good Housekeeping publication by utilizing any of these complimentary Zoom meeting background templates. Use funny backgrounds to splash in some humor or keep it strictly professional and make the ideal impression with your managers and customers.

If you’re on a Zoom call that needs a semi-professional background, consider our backgrounds. It’s an ideal balance of informality and professionalism to give the call a refined, however, not over-the-top atmosphere.

Professional profile background templates

Are you going to do an interview or getting on a discovery call with a potential customer? Have a look at our professional design template that serves as a company card of sorts.

This practical background is totally concentrated on displaying your name and any pertinent professional info that you want people to see. You can fit the text to include your email address, contact number, professional website, and your profession.

This advises people throughout the call who you are and what kind of work you do, which is straightforward; however, powerful technique when meeting new persons.

Get more out of your Zoom calls

Zoom calls end up being a more common communication technique, both in professional and personal lives. Like all kinds of communication, you can make them better or even worse depending upon the effort you take into them. However, it’s showing to be extremely effective.

If you want to get more out of your Zoom calls, use these backgrounds to add some flavor to your discussions. It’s easy and completely fun.

Professional Zoom Background Images in our Package

Zoom uses a few default image choices to select from; however, it also enables you to choose your own image. Here are some virtual images that you can pursue in your next Zoom conference to make sure you’re putting your most professional Zoom background – foot forward for your next meeting.

virtual background images | download a full package

virtual background images and videos | download a full package

Professional Zoom Background With a View

Nothing communicates a more professional and accomplished message than a virtual background that bends an excellent view for your next meeting.

An Enviable Bookshelf Zoom Background

To display your well-read side, select a professional Zoom background that showcases an excellent bookshelf.

Available and Modern Zoom Background

To display a more available degree of professional success, choose a background with more modern-day and casual components.

The Conference Room Zoom Background

For meetings that would have been performed on-site in a conference room, aesthetically move yourself back to the office with a contemporary conference space background.

Your Typical Workspace Zoom Background

To provide a familiar feel to your next Zoom meeting, choose a background image that shows the realities of your typical office workspace.

The Modern Bookshelf Zoom Background

For a more modern view on the bookshelf background, pick a vibrant and aesthetically pleasing visual highlighting your love for literature.

Library Zoom Background

For your next virtual meeting, benefit from the chance to be signing up with the meeting from anywhere by picking a background that transfers you to a professional place such as a Public Library.

Office Zoom Virtual Background Images in our Package

It’s no secret to everyone that in the Work From Anywhere age, many work from home. Whether that indicates that you have a new home office to work from or often started a business at the kitchen table, your colleagues will be none the smarter about the messiness level of your housework area with these virtual office backgrounds.

A Splash of Color Zoom Background

To get attention during your next Zoom meeting, pick an office background with an intense splash of color to cheer up your screen.

A Cozy Home Zoom Background

To deliver over the message of absolute comfort, set your Zoom background to the image of a comfy living area.

An Elegant Home Office Zoom Background

No matter how your office looks, you will provide your coworkers couch-envy all meeting long with a sophisticated house office Zoom background.

A Chic Home Setup Zoom Background

For a more unwinded Zoom meeting, set your background to your dream home setup. Those stylish, easy chairs are an excellent discussion starter if you require a quick ice breaker.

Outside Office Zoom Background

Nothing screams “supreme dream office” like a fireplace on a patio area. To blend yourself and your coworkers away to a more peaceful atmosphere, select an outside office Zoom background.

A Home Office with a View

The only image better than the one provided by this Zoom background is the view of all of your coworker’s smiling faces!

Realistic Zoom Office Background

To reveal your fellow meeting guests, a peek into what it is actually like when you work out of your office, select a sensible office Zoom background like this one.

Vacation Zoom Background

A vacation mindset might not be the most productive state of mind for a work meeting; however, these Zoom backgrounds are the ideal backgrounds for your next virtual wine night.

Versatile Workspace Zoom Background

One of the most typical choices remote employees make is to utilize their flexible regional workspace. To match your Zoom background to your environments, select a virtual background that shows your love for these shared areas.