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We’ve put together a list of the office background image and video options for you to pick from for your next Zoom video call, job interview, or virtual office meeting.

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Our virtual future.

Apparently, it comes as no surprise, but we’re all going virtual for the unforeseeable future. Birthday parties, video game nights, happy hours, work conferences, and whatever else that would typically fill your calendar are occurring over Zoom, FaceTime, or other popular videoconferencing apps. Zooming – yes, it’s a verb – lets you remain in touch with liked ones and colleagues far and wide while still practicing social distancing.

Video conferencing services are becoming hugely popular, as they allow you to communicate with others when in-person discussions aren’t possible. For Zoom, this has resulted in the discovery of its virtual background feature.

You might be working from the kitchen table of your studio apartment, or maybe you’re working from home with your roomies or relative. In the situation when you’re work or studying from home, it can be an obstacle to discover a private place to have video conferences or participate in online classes. Including a Zoom background image is a great way to keep your conference background distraction-free.

Virtual backgrounds for zoom.

It is easy to use Zoom Virtual backgrounds. There are no size limitations for virtual backgrounds, but you need to crop the image to match the aspect ratio of your cam. You can use any image. The secret to picking the best image for use as a virtual background is very important. If it’s too dark, it may be tough to see; if it’s too intense or busy, it will distract from the call.

One of the most exceptional concepts may be the most underrated. How about taking a picture of your own house in the ideal order, and making it your virtual background. Nothing will be in your video calls, and yet you won’t need to worry about tidying up before your next conference. We’ve even heard of folks using pictures from their own office as a virtual office background, and making their co-workers for a moment think they’re still at their desk rather than quarantine in your home.

Below are the top picks if you’re looking to upgrade your next office video call.

Meeting Room Backgrounds

Meeting Room Backgrounds.

Download this Meeting Room Background if you’re taking participation in a virtual group meeting. The minimalist and stylish conference space includes two touches of greenery for the best professional area.

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Open Workspace Backgrounds.

Download this Open Workspace Background to provide the illusion of involvement in work processes in the office with your co-workers. It’ll offer your office an upgrade with a little cactus in the foreground and a cozy business atmosphere.

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Open Workspace Backgrounds
Private Office Backgrounds

Private Office Backgrounds.

A cozy yet completely work-appropriate background is a terrific addition to your video talks. The black-and-white setting won’t sidetrack you from what’s occurring in the conference. Work Desk Backgrounds can be downloaded here.

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Conference Room Backgrounds.

You can download this Conference Space Background to make an image of a bright and airy meeting room.

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Conference Room Backgrounds
The Office Backgrounds

The Office Backgrounds.

Download the office background to include a contemporary touch to your background. With exposed brick, wood ceiling beams, and a hectic group of “coworkers” in the back, it’ll cheer up any office.

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How to add the virtual background in zoom?

It’s simple to utilize our virtual backgrounds for a Zoom video call. Before you begin, check if Zoom supports your system. Then:

  1. Position your device camera, so you have a solid, single-color background behind you. Although you’ll see the very best outcomes utilizing a green screen, a plain wall or curtain is excellent. You won’t require a green screen if your system satisfies particular system requirements.
  2. Download our backgrounds bundle and save it on your computer.
  3. Open your Zoom app, and in the settings menu, search for the alternative “Virtual Backgrounds”.
  4. Click “Add Image”, choose the image you desire, or choose to add a video if you want.
  5. If the spotted color is not accurate, utilize the color picker to select the color of your background.
  6. You will see your background in the preview window. After that, the settings menu can be closed, and you can return to your conference.